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IT Talent

Software and big data are changing the way we live. To deepen our strength and expertise in data, we created the Intact Data Lab. The lab explores new sources of data and further leverages artificial intelligence. 

Annually, Intact invests more than $100 million in software development - to adapt our systems for the future and ensure that our offerings meet customer's evolving needs. We are making software engineering a key learning focus, forging strong partnerships and building a pipeline for talent to stay ahead of the curve.

We are also investing in partnerships with institutions like the Institute for Data Valorisation ("IVADO") to combine our expertise with academic research.

In this digitally-fuelled era, the insurance industry is transforming at an unprecedented rate. This is our time to shine, creating new ways to enhance customer's lives and support and their changing needs. Do you love a challenge? Finding new ways to do things? Get ready for an exhilarating ride.  A ride with a purpose.
I have the privilege of leading a team that inspires me every day through the interaction with other groups, creating a fun and engaging environment together and exploring cool technologies to stay ahead of the game in the insurance market.

How We Evolved Software Engineering


We are building the best team to meet the changing needs of customers.
Our people believe they make a difference and it shows.